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    Indians look for ways to ease the pain as petrol prices sky-rocket

    According to recent reports, Many Indians are switching to gas pumps from air conditioners in vehicles while heading across state borders in order to save money. This is after petrol prices hover at high levels record across the country. Currently, there are ongoing Protests against the high level diesel and petrol prices which earlier this […]

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    Over a million people are to be evacuated from America’s eastern coastline as Hurricane Florence is on course to make its anticipated landfall on late Thursday or early Friday. The category four hurricane (likely intensifying to near category five) is so extensive that a deadly storm surge is being thrust 480km ahead of its eye. […]

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    Trump, Putin sessions approved concerning the proposal

    According to recent reports, On Friday lawyers from a former adviser campaign said in a court filing that President Donald Trump and Jeff, the U.S. Attorney General Sessions both agreed in supporting a new proposal which was held during Trump meeting with the Russian President Vladimir Putin held in the 2016 campaign. However, from previous […] |
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