11 murdered, 45 injured in St. Petersburg blast

A blast in St. Petersburg on Monday afternoon left 11 people dead and another 50, as estimated, injured.

st. petersburg attack

The blast occurred on a metro carriage upon its arrival into two central stations, which would explain the large scope in number of the victims.

The explosive device blasted in the third carriage of the train according to earlier reports. The city administration issued a statement that said that St. Petersburg was already coping with the aftermath with help coming from at least 1, 043 emergency services workers and 267 pieces of equipment doing the rescue and retrieval operations.

The said help included the Health Ministry which ensured to provide all the needed assistance involving physical and mental well-being of both the victims and their families.

The Anti-Terrorist Committee has already said that both the authorities and local government bodies were taking the required measures to maintain order and stabilize the social-political situation in the city.

As of press time, the Russian Investigative Committee has started a terrorist probe with regards to the incident. This later on led to them finding another explosive device which was fortunately defused.

As part of the actions to either prepare or counter-attack any incoming threats and protect the people, all metro stations have been closed in the city. This would be also paving the way for the on-going investigations and probe which intends “to find the perpetrators and masterminds of the terrorist attack as well as their accomplices.”

A number of Russian experts have already claimed that the highly-fatal tragedy was aimed at “challenging the whole country” for it seemed that the blast was a well-planned crime.

Rem Angelo P. Calilung is a freelance writer from Manila. He is now an up-and-coming journalist for GEOPOLMonitor focusing on Asian and European affairs.

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