3 Killed in Grand Canyon Helicopter Crash

A helicopter crash in the Grand Canyon. It’s really tricky rescue mission. Social media images describe the incident. Officials saying seven people on board and three killed. The images from a tourist on a different tour exploring the canyon.

One of the news reporters from Las Vegas explained that still it has not been cleared where the flight originated but it’s company operates that flights from Vegas. Now, the focus is getting the four-people injured to safety.

Lionel Douglass, one of the witness said, “I saw the helicopter making a couple of weird turns like it was going to land but I have never seen that type of landing before”.

It happened sunset Saturday new Quartermaster Canyon. The Euro copter made by Airbus. The tour company advertising on its site a day of adventure saying it flies 600,00 passengers a year on Grand Canyon and other places. Images of the winding regions showing how difficult the area can be to navigate.

Police Chief, Francis Bradley said, “Because of the ruggedness of the terrain you can’t just walk into rescue the people drive in, so all rescues have to be conducted by aircraft”.

A search of the safety record revealed 16 incidents in the region. At this point, it’s unclear what caused this crash.

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