Alto’s Successor Brings Unique Experience to World

Endless Runner Snowboarding video game, Alto revealed that it brings its successor to the world with entirely unique experience. Alto’s Adventure took the concept of the endless runners and turned it something delightful. Now, Alto and the team decided to explore the world and that brings us to the sequel which is Alto Odyssey.

The sequel takes the user to various locales such as temples, canyons, dunes and many more, which gives the game a lot more varieties than its previous version. Alto’s successor offers new tricks to learn as well as a new environmental element to get used to. All the new features of Alto Odyssey give the real-time experience and will make players feel right at home.

The game starts with the character sandboarding downhill at the speed and what all need to survive is landing tricks. The game is quite like the previous version, the character gains the points for covered distance, the tricks character land and enemies evade and so on.  This is pretty much like Alto Adventure but with the successor, the player will get a chance to discover more features while playing for a long time.

The game follows the progression system that requires players to clear the three challenges to progress to the next level. Its possible to unlock every character after every ten levels and there are six characters in all. Alto Odyssey’s new challenges and environmental element make it a completely different experience.

For some of the obscure reason, player finished a playing initial twenty levels with iPhone on quiet mode after that player change to playing Alto Odyssey on the iPad with the combine of earphones connected to and that is the experience sprung up. One of the greatest positive of the successor is its soundtrack. It’s extremely pleasant and quiet at first and by one means or another, it’s get extraordinary the minute player achieves marginally even more difficult stage in travel.

Makers highly recommend playing this game with headphones plugged in because of its completely different experience. Most of the new element in Alto Odyssey such as Wall Riding, Balloon Bounces made players quite uncomfortable at first but never feel like giving up. One of the biggest themes of Alto Odyssey is going outside of comfort zone. Alto Odyssey is the perfect choice for them who wants to discover something new every time.

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