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Amazon, Google To Spend 60 Crores on Ads to Promote Smart Speakers

Amazon is promoting Echo smart speakers at the ongoing Indian Premier League while tech giant Google is targeting the youth with its ‘Make Google Do It’ ad campaign. The campaign ads promoting Google assistance, show young users asking for directions speaking to their phones. Both are planning to spend approximately 60 crores on the advertisement of their smart speakers.

A managing partner at Wavemaker India, Navin Khemka said, “Google and Amazon have deep pockets They will spend disproportionately to create the voice assistant category, which is still nascent in India. Its early adopters will be young users who already use voice assistants on phones.” Further, he added, “They are more likely to buy the speakers that will be adopted by others in a household.”

Google says the use of voice assistant on phones directs to users towards smart technologies. Google’s spokesperson said, “We have been seeing an increase in a number of people using Google Assistant on phones.”

Google is working on its multimedia campaign and has promised to launch Hindi language support to widen its user base.

The e-commerce firm is promoting its virtual personal assistant through the ad that uses the Echo smart speakers to get weather updates, news, and other things too, also promoting its smart speaker at ongoing IPL.

Mass and brand marketing at Amazon, Ravi Desai said, “The team’s focus was to highlight Echo as a family device with varied uses relevant to each and every member of the family.” Further, he added, “Our target groups for Echo devices are families that are technology-friendly and willing to spend for convenience.”

The e-commerce firm claims it has evolved Alexa for the Indian customer while ensuring knowledge, accent, services and other features are locally relevant.


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