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  • Russia launches over 90,000 airstrikes in Syria – report

    Figures published by the official publication of the Russian Defense Ministry on its involvement in Syria shed light on its investment, targets and successes during its two year campaign in Syria.

  • Israel: The Enemy Of my Enemy Is My Friend

    Those who had any doubt about Israel’s role as a saboteur were soon silenced when the UN observers submitted a report strongly indicting Israel’s collaboration with terrorists in Syria.

  • Captured Islamic State fighters hooked on drugs – report

    The ISIS terrorists taken into custody recently by the U.S.-backed militants from the Syrian Democratic Forces and questioned by US personnel have been malnourished and emaciated, reportedly with track marks on their arms.

  • Is Syria Becoming a Settler State?

    Five years into the conflict it’s no longer a secret that terrorists from over 180 countries have infiltrated the embattled country. However, the Uighur migration to Syria appears to be more permanent.

  • Yarmouk: Who’s Really Starving the Palestinians?

    It was no accident that led Yarmouk and its residents to be embroiled in the Syrian crisis. The Palestinians living in Yarmouk have found themselves to be pawns in the dirty war against Assad. The mainstream narrative is one replete with inaccuracies and bias against the Syrian government. Their version of events is black and […]

  • abu-abdullah

    ISIS announces forced enlistment after losses in Syria

    In a statement distributed in Deir ez-Zor province that borders Iraq, ISIS called on all men between 20 and 30 who are able to fight to head to mobilization offices within a week.