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  • Intel Launches First Discrete GPU in 2020

    A California-based tech company, Intel has confirmed the news related to the launch of discrete GPU in 2020 through the social networking site Twitter. The company confirmed the timeline with the link to a press release on its site dating back to November 2017 that it brought Raja Koduri to lead its newly formed Core […]

  • Uber Launches ‘Uber Lite’ For Android Users

    San Francisco-based ride-sharing company, Uber has launched Uber Lite to encourage more people to join its platform. The company stated that Uber Lite, a made-in-India version of its rider app especially meant for Uber users the world over. Sources stated that a lighter form of the fundamental rider application that has been constructed and outlined […]

  • California To Test Digital License Plates

    On May 30, 2018, in Foster City, California is testing a digital license plate made by Bay Area company Reviver Auto, part of a pilot project with the state Department of Motor Vehicles, is displayed at Reviver Auto headquarters. It is the first state in the United States to test digital license plate on vehicles. […]

  • OhmniLabs Unveils Devkit For Telepresence Robotics Applications

    OhmniLabs makes affordable robots that brings people together and now the lab unveils new development kit for telepresence robotics to enable faster, easier and less expensive development of customized robotic applications. The lab stated that the robot provides an unprecedented emotional connection while allowing for interaction in a way that no existing tool can match. […]

  • Gmail Introduces @Mention Feature for Web

    The tech giant Google is on update marathon for its favorite email service, as it has come up with a @mention feature for the web and soon it will launch the same feature for Android as well as iPhone. Gmail’s new update will allow people to send a separate email to anybody using ‘@’ character. […]

  • Gaming Start-Up PlayFab To Join Microsoft

    A Redmond-based multinational technology, Microsoft recently announced that it has acquired gaming start-up PlayFab, which will help game developers to unveil titles online with their back-side services. PlayFab will be joined to Microsoft’s Azure gaming group. However, the terms of the deal weren’t disclosed. PlayFab technology offers the most complete backend platform for live games […]

  • Lenovo $300 Mirage Camera Introduces Google’s New VR Format

    China’s leading technology company, Lenovo’s VR180 camera hit the market since it’s launched. Lenovo’s Mirage Camera is starting the rollout 180-degree VR videos in real products. Lenovo’s VR camera now available in pre-order for $300. Last year, tech giant, Google launched a new line of cameras for 180-degree VR video. VR180 is a collaboration between […]

  • Jan Koum’s Facebook Departure Could Cost $1 billion

    WhatsApp’s Chief Executive Officer, Jan Koum announced in a Facebook post that he’s leaving the company; however, his exit could cost him as much as $1 billion. 42-year-old, Koum said, “It is time for me to move on.” Further, Koum added, “I’m taking some time off to do things I enjoy outside of technology, such […]