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  • Captured Islamic State fighters hooked on drugs – report

    The ISIS terrorists taken into custody recently by the U.S.-backed militants from the Syrian Democratic Forces and questioned by US personnel have been malnourished and emaciated, reportedly with track marks on their arms.

  • Venezuelan military base attacked, weapons stolen

    An early morning anti-government attack at Fort Paramacay, Valencia, in the central Venezuelan state of Carabobo, was repelled by the Bolivarian National Armed Forces and several of those responsible were detained, according to National Constituent Assembly member and leader of the Socialist Party of Venezuela, Diosdado Cabello.

  • abu-abdullah

    ISIS announces forced enlistment after losses in Syria

    In a statement distributed in Deir ez-Zor province that borders Iraq, ISIS called on all men between 20 and 30 who are able to fight to head to mobilization offices within a week.

  • rouhani

    Iran: US violates nuclear deal, promises ‘intelligent’ response

    Iran is promising to pursue “intelligent” and careful measures in response to the new round of sanctions signed into effect by U.S. President Donald Trump, which Tehran has said represents a clear violation of the terms of 2015’s landmark nuclear deal, of which Trump has long been a strong critic.

  • isis leader abu bakr al baghdadi

    Russia airstrike likely killed ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi

    The Russian Defense Ministry has said they might have killed the ISIS leader along with 30 mid-level leaders and about 300 terrorists in a strike they carried out at the end of May.