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  • Madaya and the Media: Lies, Deceit and Double Standards

    The timing of the ‘Madaya is starving reporting’ is suspicious given the UN were in the area in December last year to deliver aid and carry out medical evacuations with the Syrian Red Crescent.  According to the UN’s own report there are 15 besieged towns in urgent need of assistance, but operations are obstructed due […]

  • The Opposition is Burning Aleppo

    The media is ablaze with the image of bloodied 5 year-old Omran rescued by the very same people responsible for the beheading of a Palestinian child. Yet, continue to censor rebel crimes when they deliberately shell government-controlled areas.

  • Hands Off Muhammad Ali’s Legacy

    Muhammad Ali was a boxing champion in the ring, but also a champion of the civil rights movement in America and vehemently stood against American imperialism. Steadfast in his resistance to America’s war in Vietnam and challenging the industrial scale of racism, he suffered greatly.