Jim Lemuel Wilson Jim Lemuel Wilson previously worked for The Manila Times and S&P Global Market Intelligence. He specializes in Middle East affairs and foreign policy. Contact Jim by email.

GEOPOLMonitor Staff Breaking news from global agencies and outlets by GEOPOLMonitor's team of writers.

Sara Yasmin Anwar Sara is a freelance journalist specialising in politics of the Middle East and Arab affairs.

Rem Angelo P. Calilung Rem Angelo P. Calilung is a freelance writer from Manila. He is now an up-and-coming journalist for GEOPOLMonitor focusing on Asian and European affairs.

Miguel Angelo de Castro Miguel is an international realtions analyst and writer with aspirations to become part of the Philippine Academia. He is currently working on his papers to pursue a Master's degree overseas on Global Security with an Asiatic perspective.

Jun Pasaylo Jun is multimedia journalist from the Philippines. He has wide array of experience in war reporting in Southeast Asia. His proficiency in journalism was anchored in his years of experience as field reporter in conflict areas.

Francheska Lyn Nas Francheska is an Asia-based freelance journalist focused on Asia and Middle East affairs.

Martin Millete Martin is an Asia based freelance journalist and an MA candidate in Political Science.

Lois Lei Nacario Lois Lei Nacario is a Philippines based diplomatic affairs graduate and international security researcher and analyst.

Brian Ang Brian is a journalist based in the Philippines and specializes in the South China Sea dispute and the global threat of the self-proclaimed Islamic State (ISIS).

Ovidiu Tepes Ovidiu is an Ireland-based writer and analyst with a Master's Degree in Geopolitics and Affairs.

Marko Marjanovic Marko is a deputy editor and writer for Russia Insider. His articles have appeared at AntiWar.com, tje Mises Institute and The Libertarian Institute. Marko is also founder and Editor of Checkpoint Asia.

Tina Miranda Tina is a freelance journalist based in Asia, and specializes in foreign policy and international relations news.

Rosabell C. Toledo Rosabell is a journalist from the Philippines. As a geopolitical researcher and analyst, she makes use of her voice to report on things that matter by scouting a number of media outlets across the globe and providing new perspectives on international affairs.