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IS behind attacks at the Iranian Parliament and Khoimeni Mausoleum

The group has claimed responsibility for the two attacks in Iran making this their first major attack in the country


The Islamic State has now claimed responsibility for the attacks carried out in the Iranian parliament and at the Mausoleum of Ayatolla Khoimeni according to media reports.

Earlier reports say that at 10:30 GMT,gunmen entered the parliament office buildings in central Tehran and opened fire at security guards on the premise. Two were said to be armed with AK 47 assault rifles and one with a pistol.

Security forces outside Tehran parliament buildings

The gunmen entered the parliament buildings dressed as women according to Iran’s Deputy Interior Minister for Security Affairs Hossein Zolfaqari.

Speaking to the local media he said that the attack had claimed two lives and left behind about 30 people injured.

Despite his statement other sources that are yet to be confirmed claimed that the number of fatalities was a high as 7.

According to the state broadcaster IRIB, one of the attackers blew himself up o the fourth floor during the siege.

In a similar and almost simultaneous attack, at least two suicide bombers walked into the Khoimeni Mausoleum through the western gate and opened fire. Reports say that one of the attackers armed with a Kalashnikov rifle opened fire at people. Having spent all the cartridge, he blew himself up in an act of suicide. One of the attackers was shot dead by the police.

One of the attackers killed at the Khoimeni mausoleum

At least one worker at the shrine has been killed with four pilgrims visiting the mausoleum reported to have been injured.

The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for the two attacks via its online forum with a video posted of a wounded man bleeding on the floor. According to the terrorist group the footage was taken from inside the parliament buildings.

This is the first major attack by IS in Iran.

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