BMW to Expand PHEV in Thailand

A German multinational company which currently, BMW anticipating high expectations on electric auto. The company promising standpoint in the midst of a developing business sector across the globe. Every automaker moving to expand their business in the electric cars, however, BMW would continue churning out new models due to confidence in the global market expansion with Thailand.

President of BMW Group Thailand, Wiedmann said, “In Thailand, BMW has expanded the market for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles [PHEVs] over the past three years. Sales increased 44 percent per year.”

Sources stated that BMW’s growth makes Thailand number three in the world in terms of market acceptance of PHEVs. BMW Thailand eyes on selling PHEVs. At this point, the company trying to determine the local demand and consumer response to fully electric cars. Wiedmann added, “We will see if there is a market for BEVs in Thailand.”

When it comes to the electric vehicle, most of the drivers are worried about charging stations while driving a fully electric car for a long distance those are not widely available like petrol stations.

The company offers charge services for EVs through its auxiliary ChargeNow, which has in excess of 100,000 charging stations the world over. Additionally, ChargeNow plans to build 50 public charging stations at BMW dealerships and partnership locations by the end of 2018.




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