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California To Test Digital License Plates


On May 30, 2018, in Foster City, California is testing a digital license plate made by Bay Area company Reviver Auto, part of a pilot project with the state Department of Motor Vehicles, is displayed at Reviver Auto headquarters. It is the first state in the United States to test digital license plate on vehicles.

Sources information stated that approximately 116 cars are the part of pilot program testing. A digital license plate will be sold at $699 plus installation costs for the plates. On the top of that, the dealership requires a subscription that costs $7 a month.

To get the digital license plate, firstly you’d never have to repurchase vehicle registration tags, however, the electronic plate would update automatically to show your current registration. The concept is mildly convenient for regular folks but super convenient for fleets.

The California DMV stated that the digital plates would not be available in its offices, instead only to be sold through select vehicle dealerships by San Francisco-based Reviver Auto. California is not the only state looking to give digital license plates, Florida, Arizona, Texas are planning on rolling out their own programs later this year.


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