Commonwealth Bank, KPMG, Microsoft To Launch Wiise

Nowadays, every industry giant looking forward to launching a new small and medium-sized enterprise. However, three heavyweights including tech giant Microsoft, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia KPMG Australia jointly launching SME known Wiise.

KPMG Australia national managing partner of Markets & Growth, James Hunter said, “The idea for Wiise was sparked by our acquisition of Microsoft systems implementer, Hands-On Systems. It opened our eyes to a gap in the market between existing cloud accounting software providers to SMEs and enterprise-scale ERP solutions.”

Wiise is touted by the heavyweights as providing SMEs with a cloud-based and end-to-end business management solution. The new enterprise will integrate with ‘CommBank Simplify’, CBA’s invoicing platform dubbed along with data feeds to link customers’ banking and accounting platforms. Wiise will apply for business banking products directly through the platform.

Microsoft, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia KPMG Australia believe the new enterprise will help SMEs digitally manage their business through a cloud-based platform spanning accounting as well as manufacturing.

The three-giant stated while targeting SME sector approximately 78 percent of Australian SMEs view their business and operations as having either medium or high complexity

Microsoft Australia MD Steven Worrall said, “As businesses mature, they experience the inevitable ‘growing pains’ and complexity that come with growth.”

Further, Steven added, “The technology solutions that served them well when they first started out are no longer fit for purpose and they just want a solution that makes their business simpler to run and faster to grow but without the complexity of deploying large, expensive ERP solutions.”

According to sources information, Australia is a nation of small and medium business operator. According to the Australian Taxation Office as businesses turning over below AU$10 million.


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