David Cameron: A Modern Day Sheriff of Nottingham

Prime Minister David Cameron is under fire for tax evasion after being implicated in the Panama leaks through his late father.


Since the public allegations thousands marched in London calling for his resignation.

It appears that the Prime Minister doesn’t think there’s a cause for concern or for the need to be held accountable as he considers tax dodging a “private matter.”

However, the public and organisations such as Oxfam do feel there’s a case to be answered for, given his previous conviction of clamping down on the tax dodgers.

In the past Cameron has been an outspoken critic of tax reducing initiatives and only last year he called for more transparency in regards to offshore tax havens, like the Cayman Islands.

Speaking in the Jamaican parliament his exact words were that he wanted to “break the business model of stealing money and hiding it in places where it can’t be seen: transparency is the answer.”

Probably words that he’s going to live to regret considering the blatant hypocrisy now that his own assets are under question.

According to the Panama Papers David Cameron’s late father, Ian Cameron through his Blairmore Holdings Inc company managed tens of millions for the incredibly wealthy, but never paid a single penny in tax on UK profits.

Furthermore using Mossack Fonseca’s services to hide his wealth. Although the Prime Minister denies any wrongdoing he admits to profiting from the offshore account.

The problem is that these revelations come at a time when the government has introduced the most unforgiving austerity measures and the aggrieved public feeling the squeeze have every right to be angry.

To date Cameron’s legacy since entering Downing Street is one similar to the medieval Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood. Far from being an equal society that Britain often prides itself on, the Prime Minister has widened the gap between rich and poor.

University fees have increased threefold further marginalising young people from underprivileged backgrounds. The welfare state is being eroded with the most needy being effected.

More people have become reliant on food banks because of the high prices in stores. The elderly and most vulnerable in society are being deprived from housing, being evicted or enduring the bedroom tax.

Doctors are striking because their wages are under threat despite working all the hours God sends. Yet, £8 million on a funeral for the late Margaret Thatcher appears to be a snip in the ocean.

All the while the rich get richer at the expense of the poor and the incredibly wealthy and the corporations evade tax.

Moreover, the foreign policy of Cameron has to be the most shambolic and least transparent since Blair’s invasion of Iraq. He’s responsible for the destruction of Libya and Syria through the arming of hard line Islamists Cameron insists on calling moderates.

Furthermore, he has the blood of Christians and Syria’s minority communities on his hands. His misadvised claims of 70,000 moderates are a myth. He has been complicit in Saudi Arabia’s crimes in Yemen by supplying arms and special ops.

Now that’s quite a legacy Mr Cameron.

Written by Sara Yasmin Anwar

Sara is a freelance journalist specialising in politics of the Middle East and Arab affairs.

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