Deal at last- Saudi’s SABIC enter into an MOU to build petrochemical empire in China


After a long time of staggering as well as negotiation, Saudi had strake a deal with China to build a massive petrochemical in chine. It is one of the most awaited deals ever. More so it has come just as the right expected time. SABIC is one of the leading oil and gas company from Saudi and it is the leading partner in the deal.

Saudi Basic Industries Corp (SABIC) on Tuesday finalized a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with China’s Fujian provincial administration to develop a petrochemical complex.

SABIC is the 3rd business to publicize a huge inorganic investment in Beijing China within the last few eight weeks.

SABIC failed to provide any specific information of the investment or even a timeline in a temporary release, stating it is a part of the firm’s approach to taking a new direction the procedures as well as improving the position in the world’s leading petrochemicals marketplace.

The plan will come as United state oil leading Exxon Mobil as well as Germany’s BASF have individually proclaimed strategies to develop ethylene complexes in southern China’s Guangdong province, a section of the country’s enormous petrochemical expanding prosperity.

SABIC is a partner with Chinese country Petrol and Gas Company Sinopec Corp in an ethylene business owned and run by Sinopec’s Tianjin Petrochemical Corp.

In Fujian on the east coastline, Sinopec runs a joint-venture purification, petrochemical complex in the urban center of Quanzhou integrated with Saudi Arabian country petrol and gas company Saudi Aramco as well as Exxon Mobil.

With all the deals at stake, the Chinese major happens to be constructing a different ethylene business in Gulei, in a similar province.

The deal is not only seen an economic venture, it is venture that will help enhance the quality of the oil and gas and more so create employment for the youth. Speaking after the signing of the MOU, the Saudi Basic Industries Corp did not only welcome the idea, but is complimenting the other partner for their exceptional hard work as well as their commitment to the venture.

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