Emoji Consortium to Add 157 Emojis in 2018

A non-profit that sets the global standard for emoji, the Unicode Consortium giving a treat to emoji lovers by declaring new 157 new emoji options.

The United States senator can’t take credit for helping to create a new emojis. Maine Senator Angus King successfully lobbied for the new lobster emojis. Angus stated that the company that creates a notice highlighting the lobsters economic and cultural value to Maine.

Angus King got his wish. The lobster will one of the 157 new emojis this year where the new list of emojis also includes red-haired, white-haired, a lacrosse stick, a skateboard, cold face, pirate flag and a mosquito.

Tech giant like Google, Apple planning to design the version for their platforms after the Unicode Consortiums declaration. The new set of emojis will arrive this year but Apple releases its version with next iOS update.


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