Family Set to Sue Ohio Hospital Over Frozen Embryos

An outrageous mishap at a fertility clinic in Cleveland. A local law firm stated that it’s now flooded with phone calls from patients who want to sue after reported freezer malfunctioned may have made their thousands of eggs and Embryos no longer viable.

Unfortunately, the patients won’t really know the viability of these eggs. For patients, the devastating news of that malfunction is now compounded by an agonizing wait to see if their eggs and embryos are still viable. Many patients demanding answers and most of them still think how this could happen.

For patients like Kate linger, her ten eggs and embryos stored at the university hospitals fertility clinic in Cleveland. She said, “What I had is gone and there is no chance to recreate it”.

She is one of many patients preparing to take legal action against the clinic after 2000 eggs and embryos may have been compromised due to a malfunction with its liquid nitrogen containers. The hospital launching an investigation towards it described as an unexpected temperature fluctuation.

Marlo Emch, patient, Cleveland University Hospital Fertility Clinic said, “It’s beyond devastating and like a spiritual emotional physical loss”. Each year many patients’ injury the costly process to freeze eggs and embryos which can take emotional Cole.

One of the lawyers representing some of the patients saying, “Each has their own compelling personal story. They are all completely devastated by this news. We will seek all damages available under the law to hold the appropriate parties accountable for failing to protect the precious gift of life”.

It could take months for patients of that clinic to know if their eggs and embryos are still viable. Even doctors are stating this type of malfunctions is rare. Just as a precaution some fertility experts are checking the safety standards at their own labs to ensure this can’t happen anywhere again.


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