Google Cloud Data Platform foray into Japan

An American tech giant, Google planning to construct its cloud data centers in Japan. The tech giant has declared the construction of three cloud data centers with several numbers of facilities. The reason behind this move is the company receiving strong cloud services demand across the globe. It’s parent company Alphabet get in touch with Aramco, Saudi Arabian oil organization, for its expansion in the United Kingdom.

The local municipality stated that as a component of setting up the Industrial improvement there will be a few perceptible exercises happening nearby the zone which includes logging and felling of trees on a bit of the site. Further, continues the statement does not imply that a choice to start improvement of the site has been taken.

The tech giant did not reply yet. Google to make its second cloud region in Osaka and its Hong Kong set to open soon. Managing Director at Google Cloud Japan, Shinichi Ab stated that Osaka’s cloud platform expected to be finalized in 2019 which will allow Japanese companies to build performant applications.

Osaka is a large port city as well as leading commercial center, will be joining company’s future region in Hong Kong. The city brings several existing regions across the world to 19. Company’s latest move will allow benefits customer overall and region designed for high availability.


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