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Google Initiate Investigation Over Screen Burn-in On Pixel 2 XL Screens


Earlier this week multiple reports sprung regarding Google Pixel 2 XL screens having some sort of significant damage or issue. This, however, is not your typical color or cord issues. What was noticed by individuals performing reviews of the said unit is a screen burn-in.

According to reports, when Google Pixel 2 XL is viewed in a gray background, one can see faint outlets of the phone’s navigation buttons in the bottom of the screen. Upon researching, we noticed that the issue happened with the majority of users.

Google, on the other hand, responded to the said issue. According to the tech giant, the Pixel 2 XL pass through an extensive quality check before it goes out of the market.

An advance OLED Technology powers the Google Pixel 2 XL along with QHD+ resolution for broader color gamut, and high contrast ratio for natural and beautiful colors and rendering. Based on research, OLED screens do exhibit screen burn-in. But, in a span of months compared to Pixel 2 XL who gets it right off the bat.

Feedbacks over Pixel 2 XL burn-in issues sprung various debates and arguments in social media. Photos of Pixel 2 XL with burn-ins rained over Twitter and Facebook.

We will look closely to the development of Google’s investigation regarding Pixel 2 XL issues. Indeed, its very worrisome due to the fact people have been anticipating for this smartphone. The Pixel 2 can be considered as one of the best smartphones to date.

Nonetheless, stay tuned for more news and updates. Our team will provide updates once the investigation concludes for Google.

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