Indian Army Unmasks IQMP App Programs Logistics

Indian armed force has brought off with the innovation. As a team with the main tech mammoth Tata Consultancy Services, the Indian armed force has concocted the new programming application called Integrated Quarter Master Package or IQMP that can deal with the coordination at the unit level. The Indian armed force communicated that the product application will be an imperative point of reference towards a computerized armed force.

The Integrated Quarter Master Package was formally initiated by Vice Chief of Army Staff Lt. Gen. Sarath Chand. The product application is online application containing around thirteen units that programs logistics-related functions of an armed force unit and replaces various inheritance applications.

According to the official statement, the software can be powerfully arranged to meet prerequisites of armed force units and is equipped with offering data and information to other programming applications. The application will help in basic leadership as well as effective logistics management. It also helping Army units to fight prepared constantly.

The Indian armed force stated that the new application will accept a basic part in finishing computerization of the Indian Army and end up being a vital improvement towards a progressed equipped power in consonance with the Digital India movement of the organization.


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