Indians look for ways to ease the pain as petrol prices sky-rocket

According to recent reports, Many Indians are switching to gas pumps from air conditioners in vehicles while heading across state borders in order to save money. This is after petrol prices hover at high levels record across the country. Currently, there are ongoing Protests against the high level diesel and petrol prices which earlier this month the situation has paralyzed major parts of India, thereby shutting down businesses, schools and more so government offices. The government however blamed high pump prices which the government says is the reason behind the rising cost of oil and a in addition to this the weakening rupee which calculated against the dollar has a lesser value hence huge amounts of rupee are needed to match the dollar. Kalyan Chakrabarty, who is a 39-year old cab driver located eastern state of Odisha yesterday said that he had to switches off intermittently his car’s air conditioner as he traveling so as he could save one or two liters of fuel. Brij Nandan, 42-year man from Delhi had to abandon his scooter which he has used for years and went to buy a bicycle as this was the only alternative left option for him.

In addition to this, Nandan, who is the breadwinner to a family of five told reporters during an interview that her fuel bills kept on rising steadily and steady until it crossed 2,000 rupees which is equivalent to $27.61 a month, he said that he could no longer afford riding on his own scooter. Fuel prices however according to local sellers are not uniform across the entire country due to the variation of the state taxes. Anirudha Bora, who is a truck owner located in the northeastern Guwahati city of Indian Said that he crossed the state border reason being to save some money. He added that he drove to Meghalaya state and saved about 400 rupees after filling his 100 liters fuel tank.

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