Intel Launches First Discrete GPU in 2020


A California-based tech company, Intel has confirmed the news related to the launch of discrete GPU in 2020 through the social networking site Twitter. The company confirmed the timeline with the link to a press release on its site dating back to November 2017 that it brought Raja Koduri to lead its newly formed Core and Visual Computing Group.

Intel is the world’s second largest and second highest valued semiconductor chip makers based on revenue after being overtaken by the South Korean tech giant, Samsung. According to the information of the source, the latest announcement puts the world on notice that Intel is coming, however, what exactly will come first remains to be seen.

It is crystal clear that Intel is headed toward releasing a discrete graphics card for gaming at some point and it is pretty exciting. Since the old i740 graphics solution, no one hasn’t seen a proper discrete graphics solution out of Intel.

Koduri worked at AMD as head of its Radeon Technologies Group before joining to Intel. Apart from this thing, the company recently hired Chris Hook to be its new discrete graphics guy, however, he worked for 17 years at AMD.

The company may have some powerful processors that are slated to arrive this fall. Sources said that after revealing plans to debut a high-end processor, Intel may be working on a more powerful option for mainstream desktop users.



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