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Iran “likely to pull out of nuclear deal” – expert

Concerns have risen over the likelihood of Iran backing out of nuclear deal due to the harsh rhetoric from US.

Iran Missile tests

There are growing concerns that the harsh rhetoric from Washington might contribute to the collapse of the nuclear deal resulting in a failure for the entire world community according to a Russian diplomat.

Mikhail Ulyanov, senior Russian diplomat on non-proliferation issues speaking to RIA Novosti voiced concern that the stance of the US against Iran might endanger the nuclear deal.

We see some really hard line rhetoric from the American administration and hard line rhetoric in response from Tehran.”

The 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and six other world powers established limits that were meant to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Iran agreed to the deal in exchange for imposed economic sanctions against Iran being lifted.

Last week, Tehran conducted ballistic missile tests that resulted in condemnation from the US, UN and Israel. Despite Iran’s insistence that the launches were in line with its defense programs, Washington termed them a violation of the UN resolutions.

On Friday, the US imposed sanctions against 25 individuals plus entities that offer support to Iran’s missile program and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Quds Force.

Ulyanov has warned that this creates a “highly unfavourable climate” for the continued cooperation on the Joint Comprehensives Plan of Action(JCPOA).

Sanctions are being imposed on Iran. Naturally, this creates an unfavorable atmosphere for implementing the nuclear deal.”

The Russian diplomat believes that the collapse of the deal would signify the failure of the international community

You ask if there is a threat of Tehran’s withdrawal? I believe that such an outcome would be a major failure for the entire international community,”

He added that Russia is “trying to preserve a normal atmosphere surrounding the deal.” According to Ulyanov, Russia is in contact with members of the P5+1 group to reduce tensions on the Iranian nuclear agreement.

US President, Donald Trump, has repeatedly voiced his criticism over the deal that Obama had given excess concessions to the Iranians.

Concerning Trump’s criticisms over JCPOA, Ulyanov agreed that despite the deal not being the most ideal, it was the “most optimal”  and a “reasonable and very delicate compromise.”

The Russian diplomat argued that “no one will benefit” from the failure of the JCPOA.

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