Israel retaliates against Syrian shelling

Israel has targeted Syrian government forces in response to a shell that landed in Golan Heights


According to a Beirut media report, Syrian government forces positions were the target of an Israeli air attack. The helicopter shot at the Syrian troops in the Quneitra province of the southern Syria.

Other media reports indicate that the Israeli targeted a military town, located in the Syrian city of al- Baas.

Sources cited by Al Mayadeen TV however insist that the Syrian troops in Al-Baas are fighting terrorists belonging to Jabhat Fatah al Sham, who formerly went by the name Jabhat al-Nusra or the al-Nusra Front.

Israeli Defense Forces have through their press service admitted to firing at a Syrian government troops post. The press service however claim that this was in response to shelling that came from the direction of Syria. The shelling hit the north side of the Israeli controlled area of Golan Heights.

The Israeli Defense Forces are not yet clear on the cause of the shelling and uncertainty remains on whether the attack was intentional or a result of the ongoing internal fighting in Syria.

The shelling however did not result in any casualties on the Israeli side.

This is not the first time mortar shells and rockets from the Syrian side have landed in Israeli territory. Due to the ongoing fighting between the Syrian government army and terrorist groups in Syria, there have been multiple reports of similar incidents.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the IDF last month said that it places responsibility on the Syrian government for any attacks from its territory. Even on instances where the shelling appears to have been a miss-fire from the war in Syria, Israel warned it would not tolerate any danger to its citizens nor violations of Israeli sovereignty.

As a result, Israel has sent numerous sorties to Syria in response to shelling since the outbreak of the Syrian conflict in 2011.

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