Kansas City Suspect Accidentally Recorded Murder Confession

Jackson County Prosecutors, Jean Peters Baker says an 80-year-old man David Jungerman mistakenly recorded himself admitting to killing an attorney Tom Picker in the front of his home. Emily Reigel, Tom Picker’s wife took the step after Baker announced the charges.

Emily Reigel said, “We’ve had our birthdays without him and our holidays without him, and all the little moments that make life what it is all about. Without him here to bring what he could have to our lives.” Further, she added, “For 168 days, we’ve all wondered if this day would ever come. We have hoped and prayed. We’ve been in the turmoil of the unknown. And today, officially we have some of those answers and some of our fear can be calmed.”

80-year-old suspect charged with first-degree murder and armed criminal action in the killing of Pickert. A vehicle belonging to the suspect was found linking to the Tom Picker’s murder case, but the old man not considered a suspect.

David Jungerman admitted that he murdered a lawyer with a gun and gotten away with it and the reason behind murdered was the lawyer stole his money.

David Jungerman is being held at the Jackson County imprison without bond after being blamed for shooting a man he associated with taking an iron pipe from his building. Pickert’s dowager, Emily Riegel, upheld for weapon control at the March for Our Lives rally against gun violence a month ago.


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