At Least 50 Structures Lost And 2 Dead in US Wildfires

Deadly wildfires from Arizona to Oklahoma fuel by powerful winds and dry conditions and apparently the cedar trees killed two people in western Oklahoma also lost 50 structures and ignite more fires in the process.

The fire and forestry officials stated that blowy winds of up to 80 kilometers per hour whipped across an area where scant rain has fallen in five months. The National Weather Service issued an evacuation order for an area near the towns of Seiling and Oakwood.

Firefighters continuing their relentless fight across the scorched plains of Oklahoma, battling dangerous wildfires and wind. Most of the wildfires started last week and by Tuesday it almost covered 100,000 hectares in western Oklahoma.

Deb Beard, a U.S. Forest Service commander informed firefighters Tuesday to be careful and the Oklahoma Office of Emergency Management stated the emergency had been declared in 52 counties in the state. The Oklahoma officers stated that the gusty fire has already killed two and injured nine people.

Firefighters are called this fire epic as they deal with the historically bad condition. The low humidity in the stricken area would create dangerous fire conditions in parts of New Mexico, Texas, Kansas, Colorado. The source stated that such condition hasn’t been seen in last decades.

The largest Oklahoma fires had burned more than 384 square miles and the temperature was expected to soar into the 90s with winds gusting to 40 mph or more than that.


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