Missouri Governor to Resign Over Sexual Assault

Pressure on Missouri’s Governor Eric Greitens is mounting after a bombshell report released by the House Special Legislative Investigative Committee Wednesday, Missouri Attorney General Hawley has called on Greitens to resign.

A candidate for the U.S. Senate and Attorney General Josh Hawley said, “The report contains substantial, shocking and corroborated evidence of wrongdoing by the 44-year-old governor.”

The committee has started its investigation after the governor was indicted in February. He is charged with felony invasion of privacy in connection with an admitted extramarital affair in 2015. Governor accused of taking a nude photo of a woman without her consent.

Missouri’s Governor called a news conference in Jefferson City on Wednesday to declare he was determined to stay in office while fighting to clear his name in court. Eric Greitens said, “I want to say again what I have said from the beginning. This is a “political witch-hunt” stemming from a “private mistake” that had nothing to do with his job as governor.”

Eric Greitens added, “The people of Missouri see through this, and they know far better than to trust one-sided tabloid trash gossip that was produced in a secret report.”

A married father of two, Eric Greitens talked without further ado before an exceptional bipartisan panel of the Republican-controlled state House of Representatives discharged its 24-page record.



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