New assault ship to be delivered to Russian Navy in Autumn

Russia’s United Ship-Building Corporation President Alexei Rakhmanov announced on January 25 that the Russian Navy will receive the Project 11711 amphibious assault lead ship Ivan Gren no sooner than November.

Ivan Gren ship

Due to technical problems with the degaussing system, Rakhmanov stated that the ship will be ready for delivery in November this year. He added that it is important for the scientists to accurately confirm the calculations for the ship so that “we do not have to slash it again” as a result.

“Unfortunately, the Ivan Gren has had such a hard fate: the ship has been under construction for almost 14 years, and not even an enterprise within the United Ship-Building Corporation began to build it, and over this time the technical requirements for the vessel have changed three times,” Rakhmanov said.

Ivan Gren has a displacement of 5,000 tons, a length of 120 meters, a width of 16.5 meters, a speed of 18 knots and a cruising capacity of 30 days. The amphibious assault ship is capable of carrying 13 tanks or 36 armored personnel carriers, as well as up to 300 marines. It is further armed with two Kamov Ka-29 transport, combat helicopters, and three 30mm six-barrel artillery systems.

It may also accommodate two AK-630 antiaircraft guns and multiple launch rocket systems. One of Ivan Gren’s major purpose is to land marines on a coastal areas seized by enemies and transport military hardware and equipment.

Building Ivan Gren started in December 2004 at the Yantar Shipyard in Kaliningrad and was only put afloat in May 2012. In June 2016, the ship was tested in the port of Baltiysk, also in Kaliningrad. According to the Russia’s Defense Ministry, the Yantar Shipyard will build another ship of the Ivan Gren class, Pyotr Morgunov, which is expected to be delivered to the Navy in 2018 after all building completion and stages of testing.

The Russian Navy was supposed to commission six of the Ivan Gren but announced last year that this number was reduced to two as it favors new larger generation landing ships.

“The construction of new-generation large landing ships will be launched within the next five years, and these ships will many times surpass in displacement the Ivan Gren and Pyotr Morgunov large landing ships, have higher landing force compatibility and will be able to carry not one, but several helicopters,” head of Navy’s shipbuilding department Vladimir Tryapichnikov said.

Written by Lois Lei Nacario

Lois Lei Nacario is a Philippines based diplomatic affairs graduate and international security researcher and analyst.

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