Putin “can reduce US-Iran tensions” – Expert

Moscow is set to be the mediator between US and Iran according to expert.

Iran Missile tests

Amidst escalating pressures between US and Iran, Iran expert Dr. Rasool Nafisi believes that only Moscow can reduce the tension.

According to Nafisi, the intervention of Russian President Putin might pacify the two opposing countries considering that the US, Iran and Russia have expressed interest in fighting Islamic terrorism.

President Trump is keen on combatting Islamic terrorism and ISIS in the Middle East, and that Russia and Iran are actively participating in that kind of fight – this might [result] in some kind of coalition between the US, Iran and Russia, and of course others who are fighting in the region,” Nafisi said in an interview with Radio Sputnik.

Last week, the tension between Washington and Tehran intensified when US implemented new sanctions against Iran for conducting a ballistic missile test. Iran responded with counter sanctions accusing President Tump of violating the nuclear deal.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Bahram Qassemi expressed that Tehran will not back down and his country will defend with full strength its missile program.

When it comes to Iran’s interests, we ourselves are the ones taking decisions, and do not need any consultations with others over such issues.”

Moscow expressed its opposition to Washington’s sanctions while rationalizing that Iran’s nuclear testa should be done within the policies of the nuclear agreement.

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said they have communicated Russia’s position to the US.

Russia disagrees with President Trump’s statement that Iran is the number one terror state,” added Presidential spokesman Dmitri Peskov.

Nafisi further explained that the sanctions implemented by the US satisfy the conservatives and accounts for the fact that a few Trump allies are against Iran. Nafisi specifically pointed out National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

He said, “Flynn testified in 2015 that the only way to stop Iran from accessing nuclear capabilities would be to have regime change in the country.”

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