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Russia calls out Fox News on false report

The Russian Ministry of Defense has come out to deny the reports published by the US News agency


Yesterday, the US station, Fox News citing US officials claimed that the Russian government had delivered  to the Syrian sea-port of Tartus, 50 SS-21 short-range ballistic missiles.

The news agency cited officials as saying it was the largest missiles shipment between the two countries since the start of their co-operation in the Syrian conflict.

The unnamed officials also claimed that Russia had in the past two days fired six ballistic missiles at possible US backed “opposition” fighters in the Syrian province of Idlib.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, Russia and Turkey have not carried out any strikes by Tochka-U ballistic missile systems in Syria. Russian warplanes have also not conducted any strikes on the Idlib province this year according to the Russian MoD.

Major General Igor Konashenkov, is cited as saying that neither of the two countries have recorded any alleged strikes.

There is no information about alleged strikes by Tochka-U missiles this week on the Syrian opposition units in Idlib.”

He has also insisted that the Russian-Turkish commission on the Syrian ceasefire has actively been monitoring any violations of the cessation of hostilities.

According to the general any evidence of such violations by either the Syrian troops or armed opposition are “registered, checked and published” on the Ministry’s website.

Konashenkov has acknowledged that Russia fully honours the Syrian ceasefire agreement that was agreed upon in December 30, 2016.

Despite reports of violations, the two guarantors of the Ceasefire agreement maintain they have been holding up their end of the deal.

The ceasefire effort has been supported by the UN security council in a resolution passed in December.

The Tochka- U is a Russian mobile ballistic missile system that can launch precise attacks at tactical targets and has a firing range of up to 185 kilometers.

Russian military has been in Syria since September 2015 on the request of the the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Their support has been vital to the ongoing war waged by the Syrian Army against terrorist unit in the country.


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