Russia, India join forces to fight terror

Days before the Trump and Putin Administrations showed unity against terrorism, President Putin had already made joint plans with another country, India.

russia and india

On March 31, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Oleg Syromolotov and Indian Deputy National Security Advisor Arvind Gupta held a meeting to discuss the relations between the two nations.

According to the issued statement by the Foreign Ministry, the discussed issues were “related to cooperation in the fight against international terrorism and extremism.”

It also said that the meeting also paved way to exchange views on terrorist threats that has involved nearby countries like in Afghanistan, Syria and in the idle East.

After the meeting, it was also reported that the two countries reached an agreement about the improvement of both countries’ bilateral cooperation and interaction which also includes other international organizations which in totality, would have an objective of eliminating terrorism and other global security challenges and hindrances.

However, as what the world has witnessed over the last 48 hours, there had been a sudden challenge onto the effectiveness and efficiency of the security that the government of Russia has been providing.

After the bombing of the carriage in the subway in St. Petersburg, there might be existing lapses on the security details of the president. It can be recalled that President Putin was even in St. Petersburg when the blast happened.

With regards to the continuously strong alliance of Russia and India against terrorism, it can also be recalled that there was a signed $2 billion defense contracts via Russian arms dealer Rosoboronexport.

Rem Angelo P. Calilung is a freelance writer from Manila. He is now an up-and-coming journalist for GEOPOLMonitor focusing on Asian and European affairs.

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