Russian Jet Deadly Crash Just Minute After Take-Off


Plane Travelling from Moscow to Orsk in Russia falling out of the sky just after minutes of take-off. The pieces of the plane scattered across the snowy field just outside Moscow. Crewing rushing to the scene, finding no survivors.

The incidents clip enormously viral on social media that shows the impact of the Saratov flight 703. Around 65 passengers and 6 crew lost. The crash is so violent and DNA test is necessary to identify the dead. Investigators coming through the wreckage in this snowy field turned graveyard outside of Moscow, trying to piece together what brought down the airplane.

The plane traveling from Moscow to Orsk, taking off at 2.24 P.M. Radar capturing the plane’s climb to just over 6,000 feet. Then mysteriously plunging and disappearing just four minutes after take-off. One of the News contributors stated that this seems to be very unusual, nothing that would point to a specific cause.

Families with victims, overcome with grief and looking for answers. Saratov airlines calling both pilots experienced. Even, the Russian investigators also looking at the weather, pilot error, mechanical failure as possible causes. One of the black boxes has been found.

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