Russian President Reveals New Invincible Missile


Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin revealed an Invincible Missile. The new weapon would have the boundless range and could avoid any rocket Defense framework, conveying an atomic assault anyplace on the planet.

Vladimir Putin’s stunning announcement shows the aggressive declaration of new nuclear capacity. At the State of the Union speech as he is returning for re-election that Putin declared Russia has a brand weapon powered by a nuclear engine. He stated that this new missile has been in work for several years and tested successfully twice last year as part of Russia’s nuclear modernization program, but it was really the way Putin talked about this new missile that was so striking.

Vladimir Putin was almost angry at the speech with quotes, “No one listens to us. Listen to us now, containing Russia hasn’t succeeded”. President Trump also called for strengthening U.S. Nuclear weapon, so it’s been the 21st centuries nuclear arms race. The Defense Department expressed that they are not surprised by Putin’s statement and Americans should rest assured about Russians arrangement.

A Russia expert at the Brookings Institution, Alina Polyakova said, “For Putin, it’s all domestic”. Further, Alina added, “The regime needs to constantly maintain its fear-mongering that the US and NATO are out to get Russia and that Putin personally can protect the Russian people”.

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