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Spain demands an answer from Catalunya’s declaration of independence

The Spanish Prime Minister has demanded an answer from the Catalan leader on whether they have declared independence

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has revealed that the government has formally asked Catalonia if it has declared independence, after the Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont made his first speech following the controversial referendum on October 1.

According to Puigdemont’s statement on Tuesday, millions of Catalans believe that the region should become an independent state.

He also asked for the mandate to declare it a sovereign state. He however, insisted that Barcelona delayed any declaration of independence to facilitate dialogue with Madrid.

Rajoy on Wednesday after an emergency cabinet meeting said that Madrid would do everything possible to stop Catalonia from seceding.

If autonomy advocates secession from Spain, Madrid intends to use Article 155 of the Constitution and partially deprive Catalonia of self-government.

In this way we want to give citizens confidence,” Rahoy added.

The prime minister stated the situation with the declaration of independence must be clarified before any step is taken under Article 155 of the constitution, which allows the central government to meddle in the affairs of its autonomous regions.

Rajoy has however refrained from explicitly confirming  whether Madrid would assume direct control of Catalonia.

No specific requirement exists in the Spanish constitution. for the enactment of article 155.

The referendum is not recognized by the Spanish authorities do not recognize the referendum and clashes between the police and voters led to casualties on voting day.

Despite this, a  turnout of 43.03 percent resulted in 90.18 percent of voters expressing their support for independence.


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