Three suicide bombers detonate explosives close to police station Damascus

Six injured, one killed as blasts rock the Syrian capital

Two terrorist suicide bombers blew themselves up with two explosive belts in front of the Police Command’s building in Khalid Ibn al-Walid Street in Damascus. This is according to the SANA news agency citing a source at the Interior Ministry.

Reuters reported, citing the Syrian interior ministry, that the attackers had attempted to storm the police station and confronted the guards before blowing themselves up.

A separate suicide bomber blew himself up using an explosive belt at a second-hand clothes market. This was in the same street as the other explosion.

Suicide bombers attack police command in Damascus. (SANA)

According to the Interior Ministry one person was killed and while six others were injured as a result of the three terrorist bombings.

Earlier in October, four suicide bombers killed 15 people when they blew themselves up in the al Midan district of Damascus.

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