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  • Israeli Soldiers - Wikimedia

    Israel wants to send Lebanon back to ‘Middle Ages’ in next war

    The next war Israel will launch against Lebanon must take the country back to the “Middle Ages” and should target civilians in the country, far-right Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett said over the weekend expressing concern over the rise of Hezbollah within the political scene in Lebanon.

  • Iran Missile tests

    Iran “likely to pull out of nuclear deal” – expert

    There are growing concerns that the harsh rhetoric from Washington might contribute to the collapse of the nuclear deal resulting in a failure for the entire world community according to a Russian diplomat.

  • putin

    Putin: Russia’s Western food ban good for economy

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has confirmed that the ban on importing western food products was beneficial to the country’s economy as domestic production increased to $4 billion.

  • Assad: Syria belongs to Syrians

    Bashar Al Assad, the Syrian President, has in an interview today with the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) spoken in depth about the country status and the involvement of Western countries in the ongoing conflict.