Trilateral approach to Syrian ceasefire established

Last January 23, delegations from Syria, Russia, Iran and Turkey have discussed the situation in Kazakhstan’s capital of Astana.

syria ceasefire astana

A joint undertaking to observe the proposed ceasefire between the Syrian government and the rebels has been agreed upon. Moscow has hooked up with Ankara and Tehran in laying out the necessary framework to monitor the cessation of hostilities.

Within this context, a trilateral initiative will soon be implemented in order to keep the conflict under control.

Of primary concern is the adherence of the parties concerned to the ceasefire agreement. It is anticipated that monitoring teams will consult with each other regarding the developments surrounding the current issue.

In addition, countries involved in the meeting have also tackled the need to repel the threats brought in by the Islamic State (ISIS) or Daesh and Al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat Fatah Al-Sham. It is vital that a unified effort will be laid in order to keep the extremist advancement in check.

The truce in Syria has been officially implemented last December 30, 2016. Any breach of peace will be handled and acted upon by mediating groups from Russia and Turkey.

It should be noted that the agreement is backed by the UN Security Council which, without question, adopted the draft outlined by Moscow and Ankara. The blueprint has also included the political concerns between the Al-Assad regime and the Syrian opposition.

For the first time, the peace initiative has brought conflicting parties from Syria together to discuss possible solutions that will cease all forms of hostilities. As such, cooperation is very much the main objective of all participating groups.

Although Russia and Turkey have acted as guarantors of the pact, other interested nations are invited to participate in the discussions. No less than Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has issued the corresponding statement.

Meanwhile, Russian Ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin has said that the talks in Astana will be continued in Geneva under the watchful eyes of the UN governing body.

Written by Brian Ang

Brian is a journalist based in the Philippines and specializes in the South China Sea dispute and the global threat of the self-proclaimed Islamic State (ISIS).

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