Trump consoles Putin over St. Petersburg attack

US and Russia agreed to be one against terrorism as American President Donald Trump called over to extend his condolences to Russian Leader Vladimir Putin saying, “terrorism must be defeated.”

trump and putin

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday that via phone call, Trump extended his deep condolences to the victim’s families and asked that words of encouragement be passed onto them and the whole Russian nation.

Peskov added that both presidents have looked at terrorism as “an evil that should be tackled in a concerted effort.” As another proof of their alliance against terrorism, the two leaders have also agreed to keep in touch.

President Putin, on the other hand, expressed his gratitude over President Trump’s actions and “showing solidarity” with his people. President Putin was actually in St. Petersburg at the said time of the attack, leading to a terrorist motive becoming the priority of the investigation.

However, all variants are taken into consideration according to the Russian president, as an inclusion to the probe done by the Russian Anti-Terrorist Committee.

Recent developments have included Russian media citing a couple of suspects being connected in the bombing. Another media speculation had a man that was supposedly of a Central Asian origin being one of the suspects of the bombing.

While the Kremlin has not confirmed anything yet, Kyrgyzstan’s National Security Committee has established information and proofs about a Kyrgyzstan native who may be the suspect that executed the blast.

The team from Kyrgyzstan has presented a name of Akbarzhon Jalilov, born 1995. They claimed that he was a native from their country and was granted Russian citizenship some time ago.

The Kyrgyzstan’s National Security Committee has also kept in touch with the Russian Anti-Terrorist Committee to help bring the light into the investigations.

Rem Angelo P. Calilung is a freelance writer from Manila. He is now an up-and-coming journalist for GEOPOLMonitor focusing on Asian and European affairs.

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