US-led coalition strikes pro-government forces in Syria

US-led coalition aircraft targeted pro-government forces in Syria on Tuesday, on the Iraq-Syria border.

US Air Force Syria

According to a statement, the coalition said it had destroyed “additional pro-Syrian regime forces that advanced inside the well-established de-confliction zone in southern Syria, June 6.”

The coalition said that “despite previous warnings, pro-regime forces entered the agreed-upon de-confliction zone with a tank, artillery, anti-aircraft weapons, armed technical vehicles and more than 60 soldiers posing a threat to Coalition and partner forces based at the At Tanf Garrison.”

The United States military is increasing its “combat power” in southern Syria around an American military training camp in al-Tanf, a Syrian town on the border with Iraq, on the Syrian side of Iraq’s al-Waleed border crossing. The military buildup is said to be in an effort to block joint Syria-Iraq efforts to secure the border, with America focused on bolstering its militia partners in the region.


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