US troops to ‘surprise’ ISIS in Syria

According to Pentagon, the policy has changed with regards to detailed troop deployments in the Trump Administration. The Administration has called off statements involving the troop deployments in order to add some “element of surprise”.

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Pentagon spokesman, Eric Pahon, told the Los Angeles Times that the coalition would not routinely announce nor confirm information about the capabilities, force numbers, locations or movement of forces, whether in or out of Iraq and Syria.

The recent strategy of the Administration was intended to ensure operational safety and force protection.

It could be noted that the plan was directed right from President Trump’s suggestions of putting an “element of surprise” when engaging in warfare. The Administration wanted the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) to be the first t know about the troops inserted on ground.

The Obama Administration’s take on the troop deployment was to notify the American people if servicemen and/or women are in harm’s way, National Security Council spokesman Ned Price said also to the Los Angeles Times.

What seemed to be the most recent battle plan for the Administration was taken as a mistake by most critics, who were shocked themselves that the Administration opted to deploy troops without public debates and description of strategy.

As a start to the new policy mandated, the Trump Administration has already put additional 300 Army paratroopers into Iraq to assist the Iraqi military in their operations on Mosul. Another deployment done was the insertion of 400 marines into Syria as added supports to the multi-ethnic Syrian Democratic Forces.

Rem Angelo P. Calilung is a freelance writer from Manila. He is now an up-and-coming journalist for GEOPOLMonitor focusing on Asian and European affairs.

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